Costume Rental:

  • If items are not returned or are returned damaged there will be a charge for the full replacement cost of the item.
  • Reasonable wear to the costume is to be expected and accepted. Damage is considered to have occurred by: tearing, burning, cutting, staining, excessive make-up, removal of buttons, medallions, badges or other kinds of trim. Knee slides are NOT to be performed while in costumes. Articles which are lost or damaged by negligence while in your possession or by improper packing when returning will be charge for replacement cost. 
  • Costume rental includes laundry fee. If the items require additional cleaning there will be additional charge. Please do not try to clean the item yourself.
  • All alteration and removal of articles needs to be done by Awesome Costume, prior to stipulated date of collection. You are not allowed to engage 3rd party alteration company to amend our costumes. Failure to do so will forfeit your refundable deposit.
  • Costumes / Accessories should be returned in the same condition they were rent.


Rental Period:

  • The first day of rental includes the day of collection. Days are calculated including weekends and PH. Unless otherwise arranged with Awesome Costumes.
  • One day rental applies to between 10am - 7pm SAME DAY.
  • Late return of costumes will be chargeable of SGD$25 per costume set / item per day.


Overseas Rental:

  • Rental terms includes bringing our costumes for your overseas event. We do not ship our costumes overseas for rental. Self Collection has to be done at our shop. If you require delivery, kindly request upon check out or just email us.



  • By paying online, you are paying a Returnable Deposit only to secure the rental of the costumes. This does not include the rental fees of the costumes. Rental Fees is the exact same amount as your deposit. Please prepare the rental fee upon collection of costumes.


Returnable Deposit:

  • Returnable deposit will be refunded when all items are returned in the same condition they were rent. Returnable deposit will be paid back by via cash or bank transfer.
  • The ‘Returnable Deposit’ acts as a Security deposit. It will be offset for any penalty late charges and or damage and lost item.



  • Any Cancellation done up to 7 days before stipulated date of collection will result in 50% refund of deposit.
  • Any cancellation after the 7 days notice prior to stipulated date will result in a full forfeiture in deposit.
  • No collection of your rental costumes in the stipulated date would result in NO refund of deposit.
  • Cancellation has to be made through contacting us via email: or phone: 88927553 / 91459277.
  • In a group receipt, you will only be charged for the costumes cancelled according to the rental period. The rest of the rentals would not be penalised.
  • Refund of deposit is made only when your desired costumes is unavailable, and there are no alternatives for your stipulated date of collection.



  • In the case of being unable to fit into your desired costume, you are allowed to change costumes available in our shop for the same price range or lower.
  • After collection of costumes, exchange of costumes is allowed once with an additional laundry cost from SGD$25 onwards.


Physical Discomfort:

  • Awesome Costumes ensures all costumes go through thorough laundry before rental. We will not be responsible for any skin irritations, allergies or discomfort. Customers are encouraged to come for costume fitting 5-8 working days before collection of costumes.


Awesome Costumes reserved the right to change any terms and conditions at any point without prior notice. We will do the best that we can to provide the best services to our clients, according to the objectives and specifications set between us. We would prefer email confirmations and corresponding rather than verbal agreement.